Other Activities

  • Research report on the right to facilities for aliens (published as RBM in
    2002, 2nd edition 2006)
  • Advice on a case of a rejected asylum seeker who was no longer granted
    facilities (unpublished)
  • The Right to Work. A background paper for the Committee on
    Economic, Social and Cultural Rights. Published as United Nations
    document no. E/C.12/2003/12, 4 November 2003
  • Human Rights, CERD and Non-Citizens. A discussion paper for the
    Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination, 19 January
    2004 (unpublished)
  • “Case law concerning discrimination on the ground of race, nationality
    or religion in the labour market: an analysis” (2009). Report based on
    research conducted at the request of the national association against
    discrimination ART.1 (‘Article 1’) in The Netherlands, published as
    RBM 11.
  • Expert commentary on the draft for the Practitioners Guide “Migration and International Human Rights Law” of the International Commission of Jurists, Geneva 2011.
  • Research on Magna Carta, human rights and basic needs